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Take a Moment

The mind of a woman

might leave you strangled,

might leave you blind

but never will it leave you

to stay behind.


The mind of a woman

might kick up some dust,

might kick up a city

but never will it kick up

to settle you empty.


The mind of a woman

might laugh and cry,

might laugh and smile

but never will it laugh

to lie to a child.


The mind of a woman

might start then stop,

might start from doubt

But never will it start

to finish in a drought.


The mind of a woman

can be many moments.


The mind of a woman

can be without moment.


Take a moment.


Take a moment.



From the Eyes of a Misfit Girl

I saw the world

From the eyes of a misfit girl

Full of limitations, disappointments, fear


But then, my eyes were widened

To a pop

And the world spilled out some truth


So, I took notice

And I saw the world

And how it measured


Truth is:

It wasn’t fitting

It was missing

It was lost

And gone forever


When I saw this


I lost the


I lost the girl

And the world

From the eyes of a misfit girl

The Tide

The sound of the rain

Falls like the sound

Of my heart


A river falling

To a tidy sea

Sounds like rain


Love taken all of me

My heart lies to me

She can’t trust the rain


When the tide rises

The river is silent and gone

She’s swallowed up


Love come sharp to

A soft beating heart

A river flowing from tide to sea


It sounds like rain

When the tide comes in

To carry the river free


My heart and soul

Cry sounds of rain

The tide has come to go

Confederate Flag

I saw a confederate flag once

Hanging on the kiosk

Of a gas station in Indiana

Who thought it was well

To see a for sale?

Reminding us of

Black dust

From chain’s rust?

Hanging men

From trees to keep

White prodigies?

Wow. It’s not that serious–

Only it’s history

Which created

Present luxury

So why does our country

Thinks it’s fly

To have a flag

We don’t pledge to

Hanging in a state

We belong to?

– Kelsey Jo


Let it sink in

Like quick sand

On my hand

It’s a dream

Of a child of destiny

She’s searching

For the answer

Just a little child

Not much to mistake

With her sharp eyed

Pains and open disdain

For what’s evil and vain

If she shoots too soon

She’ll miss the target

She knows

Make the arrow

Sink to the center

Of the target’s heart

Take the dream

With both hands

Hold it fast

So it won’t collapse

Aim again

Only once

Square those shoulders

Make yourself bolder

Now shoot

And hear the target cry

Dreams achieved

In the blink of an eye

The child lives

The target dies

– Kelsey Jo