I’m in

I’m in one of those writing zones where I feel like pouring my heart out to someone. I used to write it down in a notebook or on a piece of paper, but then I realized it created a whole collection of “added stuff” to wherever I might go…So, I am writing to you a story about a girl named Sis.

Sis loved Jesus.

She couldn’t give up on something so perfect, because perfection made Sis awe struck.

She loved the idea of a perfect world.

Perfect people.

Of course she knew her idea couldn’t be shared on a earth with people like her, who also had their idea of a perfect world.

That’s why she loved Jesus, because His world made everyone’s world perfect.

Sis decided one day to stop her ideas and follow Jesus.

She sacrificed a lot

but she knew it was nothing compared to what He had sacrificed.

Sis found a place to go where people loved Jesus as much as she did.

Then one day Sis stopped and she fell in love.

She tragically loved fiercely at a distance.

Her love kept her heart pure.

Then there was a disappearance and she had fallen in love with what disappeared.

She stopped loving God the same.

She thought if she’d ever see him again…

Until now,

God didn’t stop loving Sis.

She forgot,

until now.

So she kept her heart

for God

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